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This page shows just a few of our rescued cats and kittens who have found their forever homes. If you have adopted a cat(s) from us, we would love to hear how they are settling in. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and your pet(s) may be featured on our website/social media pages!


Alice and William


Hi there,

I just though I'd give you a quick update on how Alice and William (formerly Glen) are doing - they are settling in nicely and I attach some photos of them looking adorable!  I'm so glad you talked me into getting the pair of them (I had walked into Celia Hammond intending to get one adult cat)!
William has been mad as a hatter since the off and is doing all sorts of charming things like climbing my curtains and chewing my handbag.  However he is impossible to be cross with because he is so affectionate - he loves to be cuddled and follows me around all the time.  Alice was quite shy to begin with but she is really coming out of her shell.  She likes to be near me and my housemates and has started coming up to ask to be stroked - she has discovered tummy rubs which she seems to enjoy.  They are always playing games together and are charming the socks off my housemates and visitors - they really have turned my house into a home.
Thank you so much for bringing them into my life - CHAT is a wonderful place and I have been raving about the good work you do to anyone who will listen!
All the best, 





Mercury was left in a cat carrying box on our Lewisham Branch doorstep in December. We discovered that she was microchipped but when we phoned her owner they told us that they had given nine year old Mercury away. They said they didn't have a contact number for her new owner so we don't know why she was unwanted. She now has a lovely new home with Carol and her husband. 


I thought you might like to see some pictures of Mercury in her new home.  She's settled in really well & is the perfect fit for us. She likes nothing better than to stretch out on the sofa & have her back rubbed or to look out the window at all the activity in the nearby park.

We've only had Mercury for 3 weeks but couldn't imagine life without her. We love her to bits & want to do everything we can to give her a safe & comfortable home for the rest of her life.
Many thanks for the wonderful work you do.
Best wishes

Beanie and Jelly

Beanie and Jelly were discovered in a box at a London bus stop, aged just two weeks old last year. After such an awful start, they luckily recovered from their ordeal at our Greenacres Rehoming Centre in East Sussex, and have found a home with their new friend, Sprout.

Dear CHAT,

I thought it was time we updated you on the trio's progress. All the girls are doing well. They all love their food and they've not become picky - yet.

They still love their glitter balls - definitely their favourite game - and they enjoy racing around. Sprout and Beanie particularly love climbing up the curtains and balancing on the curtain rods and fanlights. We've got them a tunnel which they've been having fun with, ambushing one another.

They all play together and they sleep together, although mostly in two's. They all like having laps and their purrs are very loud. It's like having a river of black and white felinity as they flow round the house together. Sometimes it's more Keystone Cops as they chase each other along the corridor and all you see is a couple of blurs of black and white. They're hilarious.

Best wishes,
Cathy & Andrew

Aster and Vesper


Dear CHAT,

It's been almost a year since I adopted Aster and Vesper from your Lewisham branch (and a year since I first saw them on your site and fell in love with their adorable faces). They're about to experience their first real Christmas and they love sneaking under the Christmas tree and swatting at the decorations from the inside. They sleep on my bed every night and Aster wakes me up every morning when it's time for breakfast; she's a chatty little cat who loves chasing shadows and lights reflecting off shiny things. Vesper is still a bit shy and runs under the sofa when the doorbell rings, but she will headbutt me and ask for cuddles and roll on her back for tummy rubs while purring like a motorbike engine.

Here are a few recent photos of them getting into the festive spirit—thank you again for the sweetest cats in the world!

Best wishes,

Kitty Cat

Dear CHAT,

Just to let you know, we took Kitty Cat home on Saturday and she is settling in really well. She has been very gentle with my little boy Douglas, and he loves her already. Here is a picture of him presenting her with some of his toys!

Thank you so much. She already feels like one of the family.




Dusty and Sid

Dusty was found wandering around a garden, looking very disorientated. After she came into our Lewisham rescue centre, it became apparent that she is blind (our vets think she was born without any retinas). She found a loving home with Paul and Eva, and a few months later the couple took in Sid, who had sadly lost his sight after being in a serious road traffic accident.


Dusty has settled in really well! She's playful, mischievous and so loving! You would never know she is blind when we watch her dart around the flat. We are enjoying every day with her and watching her grow! smile emoticon

Sid has finally had his last operation, having his wire removed from his jaw. He is amazing considering what he has been through and such a loving and happy cat! He and Dusty are slowly getting used to one another; they just make each other jump as neither can see the other coming.

Thank you again for giving us yet another wonderful and special cat!

Eva and Paul


Lottie and Bo 

Dear staff at Celia Hammond,

Just to update you on our two lovely pussycats adopted a year ago today - tabby Lottie and b/w Bo. They are doing brilliantly, and as you can see from the photo they are growing up into demure young ladies.

Lottie loves the great outdoors and spends hours outside, but sleeps at the bottom of our bed. Bo is a homebody who loves her creature comforts, snuggling up in one of her many beds, preferably next to a radiator! They are both absolutely adorable and we are completely in love with them. Thanks so much for letting us bring them home - we can't imagine being without them.

All the best,
Jo and Peter


Mowski, Wacky-cat and Slinky Malinky

We originally rescued these three feral cats from the East End of London, before transferring them to our Greenacres Rehoming Centre & Sanctuary in Brede, East Sussex, for homing. They have found a happy, loving home together.


The cats are doing just fine. We have named them Mowski, Wacky-cat and Slinky Malinky. They wander around the whole 30 acres, but they always sleep in their cabin and always turn up for breakfast. They have become quite tame, especially the male Mowski.

Darrell, Stuart and cats


Rolo and Wilson

Rolo and Wilson were rescued separately last year by our Canning Town Branch. Both were injured when they arrived (Wilson was saved by our wonderful supporters, who donated funds for his life-saving specialist surgery). While recovering in our centre, they became good friends and found a home together.


Just thought you might like another couple of pictures of the boys.

They've settled in so well, and Wilson has become a very loving boy, and Rolo continues to get into everything.

Best wishes,
Alex & Nick


 Cleo and Macey

Mother and daughter, Cleo and Macey were cared for by Katie, one of our volunteer fosterer carers, along with Cleo's latest litter of two kittens whilst they awaited a new home. The younger two kittens soon found a new home, but as adults Cleo and Macey took a little longer. It's great to see them happily settled in their permanent home with Rebecca.


I’ve been meaning to get in touch for ages to let you know that the two cats I adopted from you in November have been just fantastic. They settled immediately into their new home, coming straight out of the box to sit on my lap. They are relaxed and friendly, and provide great entertainment as they chase each other around the house.

Many thanks for looking after them so well before they came to me.

Best wishes,

Lexie and Lola


Lexie and Lola are doing great, they are both lovely cats.

Lexie, the mum, is going outside - I have a cat flap and she is in and out at the weekend and evenings. Lola is a bit scared to go out, so I will see if that changes when the weather is warmer and I am out in the garden more. I am not pushing her; she will do it when she feels ready, but if she is destined to be a house cat, that is fine too.

Lola is a funny thing; she loves taking things out of my bedside drawer, so she is a 'cat burglar' - she has hidden credit cards that were in there and it took a while to find them! I don't mind, as she is happy. Plus it is funny when I come home to see what is lying on the floor waiting for me!

I have attached a picture of them in a box (Lexie decided it was not for underwear, it was her bed!). Mum looks like she is laughing but I think in reality it is a yawn; still a funny picture though.

Thanks & regards,



Tiggs' story starts with an uncaring owner who moved away and left him behind to fend for himself. Local people fortunately noticed him, fed him and came to his aid when he suffered a nasty infected abscess wound. 

We received an email from Rachel to say Tiggs had gone missing from Catford, and could we let her know if he had been handed in? Rachel was particularly concerned as he had a nasty abscess wound on the side of his face. She had taken him a few days previously to an emergency out-of-hours vet, where he had been prescribed antibiotics which she had been putting in his food, but now that he was missing he wasn't getting his medication.

The next day, we received an email from Sophie, also from Catford, reporting a stray ginger cat with a wound to his face who needed help. We immediately matched the two calls, and yes it turned out that Rachel and Sophie lived in adjacent streets so we were sure that Tiggs would soon turn up in one of their gardens.

However, when Kelley from our rescue team met Sophie that evening, Tiggs hadn't turned up. We were all very worried as the wound to his face sounded like it might be infected. Fortunately, Tiggs turned up at Rachel's home the next day. He then came to our Lewisham clinic where our vets were able to treat him - his abscess wound was cleaned and stitched and he was neutered, wormed, defleaed and checked over.

Rachel has very kindly given Tiggs a permanent new home. His injury has completely healed, he has gained weight and has settled in brilliantly with her own cat. It is so nice to see Rachel's photo of Tiggs looking so happy and well.