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Whiskas and Snowbell's story

Snowbell (standing in photo) is a friendly female cat, she was living stray at the bottom of some flats.  A kind person was feeding her but her life was a made a complete misery by local children who pelted her with stones whenever they saw her.

Whiskas (hiding under Snowbell) had a really hard time. He was 'rescued' by a man from some people who he told us were badly treating him. He took Whiskas back to his home and let him out of the cat basket, Whiskas promptly disappeared under the kitchen sink unit and was there for the next 8 months!

If this wasn't bad enough the house was completely filthy - in an absolutely appalling state. The kitchen was squalid and running alive with *bleep*roaches. 

We were asked to rescue Whiskas from under the sink. His skin was covered in sores which are probably due to lying in such unhygienic conditions for so long - this has now completely healed.

Whiskas was very shy but when we sat quietly with him after ten minutes of gentle stroking he would start to relax and even purr.

Whiskas and Snowbell have now found a caring new home.