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 Nevada was reported to us by a concerned member of the public who had seen a longhaired cat in poor condition with a very matted coat. James from our rescue team went to investigate and after a few door to door enquiries found the owner who said he no longer wanted Nevada and please could we find him a new home.
Nevada's fur had become so matted that his coat had to be shaved. He was also underweight and needed somedental work and treating for fleas before being adopted by Kate...

"Hi team at Celia Hammond
I just thought I'd pop you through an update on our lovely Nevada
Thank you for encouraging us to adopt an older cat, he is a real pleasure and has been an easy introduction into pet ownership. He is approx 7-8 years old, but honestly you wouldn't know it... He is cheeky, funny, a diva and struts his stuff round the place like he has always been here
His favourite pastime (apart from snoozing!) Is surveying his new found kingdom. You can either find him perched on the coffee table with the perfect view out into the garden, or if the weather is nice, he is out on the patio on guard.
The pic with his shaved fur shows when he first came to us - underweight, slightly nervous and having been shaved of all his matted fur. The others show his gradual development to where he is now, and my fave is him posing on his fleece blanket... His snooze location of choice!
Thanks again,
One very happy cat parent
Kate "