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 Reign recently adopted from our Lewisham centre....

Three year old Reign was one of our 'harder to home' cats so we are overjoyed to hear that Reign is settling in well at her new home.
Reign was badly treated by her original owners who admitted to teasing and tormenting her until eventually Reign lost her temper and started to lash out to defend herself.
Reign is a friendly cat but because of her past experience easily becomes worried and can then lash out at people's feet.
We have previously rehomed Reign but she was returned to us after a few months because of her behaviour so we are crossing all fingers and paws that she has this time found her forever home.
We are therefore delighted to receive this lovely photo of a relaxed looking Reign and update from Suzanne her new owner...
"This is just to let you know that Reign is doing famously. She has made herself completely at home and is displaying none of the anxiety behaviours I was expecting (let's hope it lasts!). She did attack my feet a couple of times the day after she arrived (last Wednesday) but nothing at all since. She is now eating her wet food normally although she does prefer the dry food. She is a lovely cat and I am very lucky to have her.
With best wishes,
Suzanne "