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Puss - Puss

This poor cat was after she suffered horrific injuries which were presumably the result of a dog attack. She was a nervous stray that had been neutered previously and returned to a woman who continued to feed and care for her in her garden and she occasionally ventured indoors.

One afternoon to her horror she found Puss Puss, who had been missing for a few days in her garden with her front legs terribly injured, the terrified cat struggled as best she could into the house and the woman called us to come and help.

On arrival at our Canning Town Veterinary clinic both of Puss Puss's injuries were so awful - effectively one front foot had been torn off and all that remained of the other was one toe and a pad. It seemed as though nothing could be done except to put her to sleep but one of our vets examined her first and decided that she could operate to save Puss Puss's life and give her a decent quality of life.  

 The foot with one toe had enough pad to form a short but usable front right leg. The remains of her left leg has been amputated to form a short stump.Puss Puss required intensive care but has recovered well and adjusted to living with her disability.

Three months after being rescued Puss Puss found a new indoor only home.