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Emergency rescue - twelve cats

We received an urgent phone call from a housing association to let us know that one of their tenants had sadly been discovered passed away and that the Police had reported that the flat was full of cats.

When Simon and Tracey arrived they could see the front window of the first floor flat was open and there were cats sitting on the window sill. Fortunately they all ran back inside so the window could be secured. The cats were absolutely ravenous so it seemed likely the tenant was not well enough to feed them for some time before they passed or had lain undiscovered for a few days. There were twelve cats including two small kittens and fortunately the cats were quite friendly. Simon and Tracey fed the cats and provided clean litter trays, whilst we organised space to accommodate the cats. We needed to arrange to make space as just one day prior, we had taken on 24 cats plus kittens from another situation in Stockwell. We have accommodated the cats at our Lewisham centre and our vets have been kept very busy neutering, microchipping and vaccinating them all prior to being ready for new homes.