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Abandoned in the rain....

You are not going to believe the cruelty of some people…

But we have photo PROOF!
In the aftermath of the relentless rainstorms we’ve been experiencing, we were shocked to receive a call from a vigilant
security guard on an industrial estate at the onset of his shift yesterday. Found completely exposed in a cat bed ajacent
to the bushes in a car park in Beckton were 8 helpless kittens, just 4 weeks old, completely soaked and shivering.
The guards photo shows just the kittens but two mother cats were hiding in the bushes where they had run when the guard
approached to take the photo.
Our dedicated rescue team responded swiftly, scooping them up inside of the bed they were found in that was positively
drenched with rain water.
Miraculously these tiny babies, barely a month old, and their two mums which we enticed out from the bushes survived an
entire night of torrential rain. Initially we thought there were five kittens, but discovered in the clinic there were
three more hiding in the folds of the fabric of the bed.
As we welcome these precious souls into our care, we're faced with the immediate task of ensuring their safety, warmth,
and well-being. The first critical steps include veterinary examinations, nourishment, and securing a cozy foster home
where they can recover from their trauma. As we work to comfort these kittens, we can't help but wonder how the person
responsible could sleep at night, listening to the rain, knowing the vulnerable lives they abanonded to the elements.