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Honey's story

Honey's story is a  sad one of owners who have made every mistake going.

We try not to be critical of people who have to give up their pets but this situation was completely avoidable and entirely the creation of Honey's owners ill-informed decisions.
Honey was purchased as a bengal-mix kitten from a breeder during the Pandemic. She was kept as a single indoor cat, the family's only pet. Bengals are known for their boundless energy and thrive in environments where they can climb, jump, and explore freely. Confining a cat of this breed to the limited space of a flat can restrict their ability to stay physically and mentally engaged. The family also didn't have Honey neutered so she kept coming into season which would have only intensified her frustration and distress.
Adding to Honey's physical toll, the family then decided at three years old to breed from her. So they sent her to a cattery for several weeks where she was forcibly mated by a 'stud' cat. (They were under the assumption that she was a pure breed Bengal, though she is not.) How awful for poor Honey to be separated from her family and the warmth and familiar comforts of her home and forced to live alongside and aggressively breed with an unneutered male, likely inside the cramped quarters of a cage. But what choice did Honey have?
The story doesn't end there as Honey came home again and gave birth to two kittens. Soon after, Honey's owners held a noisy children's party in the house and allowed the children to look in at Honey and her new kittens. Panicking and trying to protect her kittens Honey's maternal instincts kicked in and she flew at the guests scratching and biting an adult and a child. Her owners shut the door of the room she was in and would not go in again. After two days a local vet nurse was told of the situation and went round to feed Honey who was by now very hungry and still distressed.
Honey's owners started contacting animal charities desperate for help. We collected a very angry and distressed Honey and her two kittens. As far as her owners were concerned Honey had gone crazy but all of Honey's problems were caused by their decisions.
Honey and her two kittens have been cared for in one of our very experienced foster homes. Her care with her kittens has been very challenging, Honey has been quite difficult to manage and then the kittens became unwell and have required supplement feeding and intensive hand rearing. Our vets are not sure what the cause of kittens health issues is but they have been failing to thrive. One kitten became very anaemic and required a blood transfusion from Honey and intensive care. Virus testing as established that the cause is not FIV or FELV as was suspected at one point, their issues may be genetic. They are now twelve weeks old and doing better but time will tell.
Now away from her kittens, Honey is much calmer and has been neutered which will settle her hormones as well as preventing the risk of further pregnancies. Honey is no longer wanted by her owners and is seeking an understanding adult home. As for her dear kittens, they are still being fostered by one of our Veterinary nurse assistants and are receiving plenty of TLC.